Red, White & Blue Angels!

blue angels air show pensacola beach fl

Blue Angels Air Show Pensacola Beach FL

You may have heard of the Blue Angels and their epic air shows across the country. However, there’s nothing quite like the Pensacola Beach’s Red, White & Blues Week.

Even though the Blue Angels fly all over the country, Pensacola is home base for the team. Needless to say, their acrobatic flight demonstrations over Pensacola Beach’s white sands are special.

In the early 1940’s, Admiral Nimitz wanted to assemble a flight team that would boost recruitment for the military and inspire those already on active duty. Thus, the Blue Angels were born.

Since then, the Blue Angels have been inspiring both young and old with their magical demonstrations.

The current jet used by the Blue Angels is the F/A-18 Hornet. During the show, the F/A-18 Hornets coordinate acrobatic displays, reach a top speed of 700 MPH, and can fly within 18 inches of each other! It’s not uncommon for one of the Hornets to sneak up on unsuspecting viewers, so make sure you’re on your toes!

Another beloved member of the Blue Angels team is the giant Hercules C-130 appropriately named “Fat Albert.” This C-130 weighs 155,000 pounds and has a cruising speed of 375 MPH.

The current pilot of Fat Albert, U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Katie Higgins, is the first ever woman to pilot a Blue Angel aircraft. Capt. Higgins, like most Blue Angels, was a fan before she was a pilot.

“I saw the Blue Angels fly when I was a young kid,” she says. “I was definitely inspired by that.”

Red, White & Blues week has plenty of opportunities to see the Blues in action.

  • July 11th: Breakfast with the Blues at 8 AM.
  • July 12th: Blue Angels practice at 2 PM.
  • July 13th: Dress rehearsal for both Blue Angels and civilian aviators at noon.  
  • July 14th: Pensacola Beach Blue Angels Air Show at noon.

Come see all of the twists and twirls above sunny Pensacola Beach!

Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels